Credit Card Dues Transfer Calculator

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Loan Amount          

Loan Term ( in Months )          

Processing fee ( If applicable )          

Annual Interest Rate charged on your credit card (in %)          

Annual Interest Rate charged on a personal loan (in %)  (₹) You can get easy loans at Omozing starting at only 12% per annum !!

Comparison between the terms offered by the Credit Card Company and the Personal Loan:

Factors Impacting your Choice Credit Card Personal Loan
EMI 0 0
Total Interest Paid 0 0
Total Amount Paid 0 0

If you choose a Personal Loan over your Credit Card, you can save:

In EMI's ( Per Month ) 0
In Total Interest Paid 0

How to use this Calculator

With this calculator, not only can you calculate your monthly EMI’s, but you can also compare the differences between offers of two different bank/Financial institutions.
To use the calculator, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Input the amount for which you’re planning to take the loan for
  • Input the number of months for which you’re planning to take the loan for.
    • You may opt for a certain Down-payment( like when you buy your dream house ). Put in whatever amount you’re planning to pay upfront. This is optional so you may choose to put ‘0’ as well.
    • Put in the interest rate the first company is offering you.
    • Put in the interest rate the second company is offering you.
    • Click the button to get the results in a simple yet informative tabular form.
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