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Loan Amount Outstanding          

Remaining Loan Tenure ( in Months )          

Pre-Closure Fee ( if applicable )          

Annual Interest Rate offered on your existing personal loan (in %)          

Annual Interest Rate proposed by another lender ( Bank/NBFC) (in %)  (₹) You can get easy loans at Omozing starting at only around 12% per annum !!

How to use this Calculator

With this calculator, not only can you calculate your monthly EMI's, but you can also compare the differences between offers of two different bank/Financial institutions.
To use the calculator, you can follow these simple steps:
  • Input the amount for which you're planning to take the loan for
  • Input the number of months for which you're planning to take the loan for.
  • You may opt for a certain Down-payment( like when you buy your dream house ). Put in whatever amount you're planning to pay upfront. This is optional so you may choose to put '0' as well.
  • Put in the interest rate the first company is offering you.
  • Put in the interest rate the second company is offering you.
  • Click the button to get the results in a simple yet informative tabular form.