Create your personalized retirement story 

  •  Getting the target saving for retirement is an important process. We provide a retirement savings calculator which will make things far easier for you. 

I am about     years old and want to retire at the age of     . My yearly salary is     and I am able to save/invest     per year.

I have already put together     in savings and I think I will need   %   of my current salary in retirement. I expect an annual return of   %   compounded     from my savings/investments.

Expected inflation rate( based on market trends )   %  

Additional Income Sources (optional) :

I expect to recieve     in EPF/PPF/Rental Income and     as monthly income/pension.

How to use this Calculator

With this calculator, you can calculate a tentative amount that you will be able to accumulate until your retirement. You can use the results as reference to increase or decrease you yearly savings to help you reach your target savings easily!
To use the calculator, you can follow these simple steps:
  • Input your current age.
  • Input the age at which you're planning to retire.
  • Put in your current annual salary (after deducting taxes and other compulsory deductions like PF).
  • Input the amount that you would like to save yearly.
  • Enter the percentage your current expenditure that you would want to spend after you retire.
  • Enter the return you expect on your savings (like the interest you earn when you put your money in an FD) and the frequency of compunding.
  • You can also choose to alter the inflation rate and put in the value that you feel is more accurate.
  • You can choose to enter the amount that yyou will recieve in the form of pension or PF/PPF.
  • Click "Calculate" and you'll get the results in an easy-to-understand form along with a graph which you can use to compare your expected savings and your savings targets.


  • Look into the amount that is currently being saved and invested.
  • Invest savings in stocks and bonds after considerable deliberations.
  • If there are considerable number of years between your present age and retirement age one can always put their savings in stock market which is considered as a riskier investment. Even though stock market is considered to be risky the returns of stock market as of now have always been higher as compared to other investments such as bonds. As one gets old one should shift investments from stocks. After a certain age one should invest more in bonds or other investments that are considered to be less volatile.
  • Avoid unnecessary expenses which might be depleting your savings. 
  • It is also important to take inflation into consideration. Even a small increase in inflation rate can exponentially decrease the purchasing power of money. One should always keep this in mind and make calculation considering this.
  • Determine realistic post retirement spending to avoid stress in the future.
  • If mortgage and loans are not paid off one should always consider a large percentage their savings as expense during retirement. Many a times there are various unforeseen medical expenses. These things need to be kept in mind which assuming retirement spending.