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Employers are now in a unique position to influence and intervene when it comes to the financial wellness of their workforce. The benefits and programs offered have a direct impact on levels of financial stress.

Your money wellness is our top Priority


Your money wellness is our top Priority

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54% Employees report Financial Stress as Top Stress Reason

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84% of Employers do Financial Wellness Programs because they believe that it is the right thing to do.

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78% Employers find increased employee engagement as a direct result of Financial Wellness Program.


Reduce Absenteeism

Nothing hurts a company more than an unexpected absence of employee - whether physically or mentally.

Reduce Stress

Stress is primary reason for low productivity and distraction reducing both individual and team productivity.

Reduce Healthcare Cost

Feeling in control of your finances reduces stress, and reduces your need to go to doctors.

Retain Talent

Happy and Productive employees retention is a huge benefit for employers who focus on financial wellness programs.




Personalized discussions about your money goals and your plans to achieve them. Action items about savings, protection, asset allocation and investing are popular topics.


Most frequent questions and answers

We have an easy enrollment process. Your employees can easily send us mail at through their official email ids and we shall register them in our programs.

Yes, we have had great success in online seminars as well as in offline mode. We have even conducted these seminars on Saturdays too.

No. The Employer does not have to give any guarantee for its employees.

Money matters affect us all at some point during our lifetime. They can become all-encompassing and change the way we live our lives at home and at work.
– Money is often one of the biggest sources of stress. The distraction of money worries can impact productivity, increase absences or even cause your business to have higher employee turnover.

We can do any employee on your permanent payroll. Typically, we can start as low as Rs. 15,000 per month.

Visit and  fill your loan application form, upload the necessary ID Proofs, don’t forget to input the “Reference code of your company “, and submit the request for faster processing.

You shall be on fast track processing – Within 24  hours of successfully submitting the application and sharing of all the documents required to process the loan.

Yes, there shall be  processing fees, the percentage depends on the loan applied, the credit facility required and the choice of lenders.

No, the Employee loan will be provided only for Permanent employees. However, the contract employees can submit their application and decisions would be on a case-by-case basis. FundsTiger strives to arrange credit for all deserving borrowers.

You can take loans multiple times. Also, loan top-ups can be availed on existing loans.

The general rate of interest offered is starting at 1.1 % per month.  Again, offered  interest rates are  dependent on the borrower income, salary range,  credit score, repayment history, existing credit obligations and many other factors.  We strive to give the best terms to our borrowers.

Please see through the link for documentation required:

  • Aadhaar/Passport/Voter-ID/Driving License copy

  • PAN Card

  • Bank statements of salary account for last 6 months and other bank accounts

  • Salary slip for last 3 months

  • Company ID Card

  • 2 Personal and 2 Professional References

Note: Based on the amount of loan required and the individual borrower’s profile the credit team may ask for more documents. Omozing team will keep you updated.

The Minimum and Maximum Repayment Period Ranges from 15 days  to 60 months.

Loan Amount ranges from minimum INR 10,000/- to maximum INR 50 lakhs.

Mail us at or send your queries here –

You can take loans for Medical emergencies, Weddings, Education, Travel, Emergency needs, credit card dues balance transfer, repayment of existing costly loan obligations, personal usage. Loans for speculative purposes are not allowed. We suggest that you think carefully before taking any loan.