1.Welcome you to the website or Omozing  Mobile App[hereinafter called ‘the web site or app’] which is powered and owned by Aparampaar Finance Pvt Ltd,  a registered NBFC carrying on  the business  as a loan company[hereinafter called ‘the Company’].  Now that you have voluntarily logged in, before registering  yourself and further proceeding, please go through our privacy policy by which you are deemed to be automatically bound . Your act of   registering in our website shall be deemed that you have gone through, understood and consented to be bound by the contents of our privacy policy. We reserve our right to amend, update, modify this privacy policy from time to time and such amended and updated provisions replace the previous provisions and remain valid and binding on the users of the web site or app.

2.You have voluntarily registered in our website for seeking sanction of credit facilities from the Company. The company solicits the   minimum possible but required essential information like personal profile, KYC, income, financial and other relevant details from you and other related third party agencies who can supplement information. Information may be sought/collected through phone calls, email, letters, social media and any other source now available or that may be newly made available in future to enable the Company to process your credit request as efficiently and quickly as possible. Though it is beyond the reach of Company to assure credit sanctions in all cases, Company endeavors to accommodate credit requests received in the best possible manner. The credit requests are considered purely on merits based on various factors at the sole discretion of the Company. The Company reserves its right to decline any credit request received without giving any reasons for rejection whatsoever. By registering, uploading any documents like loan application, supporting documents etc., you are deemed authorizing the Company to do loan processing for you, to set the loan processing mechanism in motion, to be done at Company’s sole discretion.  No enforceable contractual rights are established in your favor against the Company by receiving your credit request or processing the loan application and no commitment to sanction the credit facilities ever given. Company has full right and liberty not to proceed with the request or take their own time found convenience to dispose of the credit request or reject proceeding with the approval process at any stage if data required and notified for submission are not submitted within reasonable time. As you know, any transmission of data through internet and other media are not 100% secured or safe. We assume no responsibility for any disclosure, or leakage of information due to transmission errors, unauthorized third party access /intervention into to our website or transmission channels, our mobile app, data base etc. we do not assume responsibility for internet hacking, malicious acts of third parties, usage of third party websites, cookies or any unintentional acts of commission or omission on our part which are beyond our reasonable control, reach, care and caution. You shall exclusively bear such risks knowingly and not entitled to hold the Company for breach of any information security obligations, damages or claim of losses from the Company.

3.From our part, as a customer comfort, we have put in place an effective system for ensuring administrative, physical, technical customer safeguards while collecting and handling customer information. Our authorized staff only are given access to such data base unless where it is essential to have third party access for unavoidable reasons. All these safeguards are designed to ensure maximum security, privacy, confidentiality, integrity and prevention of any misuse of your personal data. We do undertake and are vigilant of  data security measures like encryption, data storage, data transmission, and restricted third party access to data.

4.To elaborate, our services covered under this privacy policy are mainly lending and any other related services provided through our mobile app Omozing, Company website or through any such internet media. Our Fair Practice Code is deemed to have been read and understood by you. Voluntary information provided by you may include the following but not limited to the same, can spread beyond the same.

A] Your self-information provided at the time of log into our mobile APP or website.

B] Personal and financial information like name,  email, contact number, gender, contact address and details, employment and pay slip details, academic qualification, pan number, details of spouse, bank acct and net banking details, personal asset and liability details, existing loans and EMI details, etc. which are illustrative but not exhaustive.

C]Collecting report from Credit Bureaus essential for credit appraisal, reporting your transaction with us to them for which your consent is deemed to have been given.

D]information about credit card details, spend data, bank transaction history etc.

E] Personal information such as SMS, contacts, social media details like Face Book, Twitter, Linkedin, and any other social media web linked to your account, mobile phone, application, location data, mobile device data etc. and any other similar source that may be now available or coming up as new.

F] Written information like Email, letters, communication by phone, scan copy of letters, original letters etc.

G] any other information that we are required to collect by specific mandate by Regulator/s, Credit Bureaus, or as a requirement under law/direction from the Govt. /Govt. bodies having authority to call for and collect such details, law enforcement authorities [local or Central agencies]

We may collect data found essential for appraising your credit request in your own interest after your registration in our mobile app is completed. Such data will not be shared to third parties unless there is consent from you or compulsion on us to do so under the prevailing law or required in your own interest to arrive at quicker credit decisions.

By registering with our mobile App Omozing or , you are consenting to be contacted by us through written notices, e mail, text messages, WhatsApp, telephone, any such contact media existent or future, artificial voice messengers/intelligence, automatic dialing services at any telephone.

Any clarity or grievance in the matter may be taken up with the authorities named in our fair practice code.