Laptops are now a necessity and owning a laptop that meets all your needs in terms of features, configuration and settings, has become essential. But, buying a laptop that meets all your requirements can often come with a hefty price tag.

Benefits of Availing Laptop

  1. Use the funds to buy the latest laptop or computer of your choice
  2. You don’t have to liquidate your investments
  3. Instant access to funds
  4. Loan disbursal within 24-48 hours

Reasons to take a Laptop Loan

  • Need to instantly replace your old laptop
  • Your work requires a high-end laptop
  • Need to update your old laptop
  • Want a laptop you can’t afford
  • Don’t have enough liquid cash to buy your laptop

Documents Required

  • Pan Card Number
  • Passport Photo
  • Address Proof
    (Valid Driving License / Valid Passport / Aadhar Card)
  • ID Proof
    (Valid Driving License / Valid Passport / Voter’s ID / Aadhar Card / Pan Card)

Eligibility Criteria for Laptop Loan

  1. To avail a laptop loan, the minimum age bar is from 18 years and above.
  2. The mobile loan applicant must have minimum take-home salary of ₹15,000
  3. We provide instant loans using online transfers, it is imperative for the applicant to have access to net banking with their salaried bank account.
  4. A good credit score is an important factor in establishing creditworthiness.

Tips When Purchasing Laptop

  • Do your research and check both online and offline electronic outlets to narrow down on the best deal.
  • Remember that technology is rapidly evolving, so be sure to invest in new age technology as opposed to buying an older model simply because of the price difference.
  • Set a budget for yourself and plan it as per your regular income so you can easily meet your EMI payments.
  • You also need to determine what kind of laptop you’re getting and when you plan to upgrade it as that will require you to plan your finances accordingly.