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Electric scooters are easy to ride, light, smooth, safe, and ecologically beneficial. Electric scooters are rapidly gaining popularity in India. Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular in the country, catering to a variety of riding demands.

Electric scooters are quite affordable, and they come with a plethora of features that make for an enjoyable ride. Electric scooters can be purchased with the help of a two-wheeler loan. Banks and non-banking financial firms both offer two-wheeler financing (NBFCs).

Eligibility Criteria

  •       Age – 18 – 60 years old
  •         Monthly Income – Rs. 15,000 & Above
  •         Finance Amount – Rs. 15,000 & Above
  •         Tenure – 12  to 24 months
  •         Interest Rate per month – starting from 0.5% p.m.

 How does Electric Bike Loan work?

 Getting your own low-cost, environmentally friendly electric bike has never been simpler! Ebikes provide a variety of advantages, including little maintenance, zero emissions, no gasoline usage, and simple and convenient charging options. Our electric bike loans are pre-approved loans that make it simple to finance your ebike purchase. We provide up to 80% of the vehicle’s on-road price in exchange for reasonable payback terms. Take your ebike home with you now!

Documents Required

  •         PAN Card
  •         Salary Slips (last 3 months)
  •         Salary Account Bank Statement (3/6 months)
  •         Address Proof

Benefits of an Electric Scooters Loan

    Obtain the finances necessary to purchase the bike of your choice.

    To receive the money you require, use a guarantor or co-applicant.

    Get low interest rates.

    Enjoy a variety of loan repayment options.

    Pay down your debt in manageable instalments.

    Pay each EMI on time to get a positive credit history.

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting a Electric Scooters Loan?

  •         Clean up your credit
  •         Balance your debt-to-income ratio
  •         Get Co-Signers if Needed
  •         Don’t apply for multiple loans

Top 5 Electric Scooters in India

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Most frequent questions and answers

Any Indian citizen over the age of 18 who has a consistent source of income is eligible for a two-wheeler loan. You can apply for the loan if you have worked as a paid employee for at least one year and have been in your present employment for at least six months, or if you are a self-employed professional who has been in business for at least one year.

Although there is no set number, government rules influence the bracket. Because of the discounts granted by manufacturers and dealers, it may vary from one application to the next. Furthermore, persons with stronger repayment credentials are given preferential treatment.

On a monthly diminishing balance basis, interest is computed. It is a system in which a portion of the principle is reduced each month by the interest paid. The interest for the following month is computed on the reduced/unpaid principle.

Usually lenders offer flexible tenures up to 48 months. The borrower can choose any tenure from one year to four years according to his income and monthly budget.

A loan of up to 95% of the vehicle’s on-road price is possible. However, the amount you may borrow will be determined by your credit score and eligibility.

Lenders usually charge a nominal processing and documentation fee and an applicable stamp duty. There is also a fee that needs to be paid for prepayments.