Omozing helps make Smart Money Moves

For a Lifetime

Omozing offers a variety of customized loan products,  financial wellness programs, curated educational resources, 
expert tools and personalized solutions to assist you in meeting your financial goals.

Omozing provides services directly to employers or through our affiliates. Employees have 24/7 access to all solutions offered through their employer.

A Financial Wellness Solution that Really Works

Real experts. Real Finance. Real results in Real Life.

With all the demands placed on today’s working professionals, prioritizing employee financial well-being has become more essential than ever. Many tactics of traditional wellness programs continue falling flat in this post COVID shock, making it tough for organizations to truly have an enduring positive impact in their employee lives. It’s important to discover a more modern, complete and refreshing approach to employee financial care going beyond just processing payroll. Only Omozing offers a financial well-being solution that actually works. Our well-researched guides and tips detail the best practices for money management and financial wellness. Each step of the way, we will show you how to support your employees like never before.

Backed by top money experts in the field, Omozing Financial Wellness Program is scientifically engineered with your employees in mind. With access to insights, communications and strategies that provides real results, our financial wellness solution keeps your employees in control of their financial lives and informed and empowered to handle whatever life throws at them.

Security and Privacy of Your Data


Your data security is our priority. We use the best of industry security standards to ensure that we keep your data safe.


Your privacy is our utmost concern. We DO NOT share your data with your employer. Our discussions with you are private, discreet and confidential. 

What make Omozing Different?

Omozing helps you take control of your everyday money moments and major milestones in your financial lives. We do 360 degrees review, and give consistent, comprehensive solutions.

Impartial Experts

We always give impartial guidance. We never recommend something to you, that we wouldn’t recommend to our close friends.

Solutions for Real Life

We insist on getting solutions that work in real life. All our guides and tips are researched and curated by real finance experts.

Improving everyday

Money situations change constantly. We consistently update and rigorously check our recommendations for what works today.

We accept you as a person

We never demean you, and never preach you for your past situation or actions. We give you practical solutions, rather than lofty, idealistic “best practices.”