How to Block a Credit or Debit Card?

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In today’s digital world, it’s nearly hard to imagine a life without a Credit card or a debit card. We are fully reliant on internet transactions for absolutely everything, especially during these trying days of the Corona virus epidemic. Your debit or credit card simplifies everything from ordering meals to paying bills to other monetary activities.

But what happens if you misplace or lose your Credit /debit card? It might turn into a nightmare since it puts your funds and bank account at risk of being hacked. It is critical to block the card as quickly as feasible in such a case.

How to Block Credit Card?

There are various ways in which you can block credit card. We have listed them below for your assistance-

1. Online

Considering the dependence on online platforms, each credit card company has the facility of internet banking for its customers. You can get it activated right when you receive your new credit card. Using the internet banking option, you can block your credit card in a matter of minutes, without any hassle. You can follow the following steps to block your credit card online-

  • Log in to your account on the official website or application of your credit card issuing company
  • Click on the ‘Requests’ option, and then select ‘Report a lost/stolen credit card’
  • Select the option to ‘Block your credit card’
  • Click on ‘Submit’

Note that while following the above steps, you may also find an option to ‘reissue’ a new credit card. If you wish for the same, you can select that option before submitting your request to block the credit card. Your previous credit card will be blocked, and a new one will be issued to you.

2. Helpline

All credit card companies have 24*7 support service facilities for their customers. In case of any need, you can contact the customer executives of your respective bank and ask them to block your credit card. The customer support contact numbers can be easily found on the official website of your credit card issuing company.

Alternatively, you can also send an SMS for your request to block the credit card to the numbers given on the official website of the bank. Upon receipt of your request, you will receive an SMS notification from the bank about the successful blocking of your credit card.

3. Offline

If you are comfortable, you can also choose to physically visit the bank’s branch and block credit card. All you will need to do is to fill a form asking for your personal details and submit it to the bank officials, and your card will be blocked.

How to Block Debit/ATM Card?

Methods for ATM card Block Application

You can reach out to your bank to block your ATM card in more than one way and you need to follow a few steps in each for an ATM card block application.

1. ATM card block via SMS

Banks provide SMS banking services wherein you can raise a request for an ATM card block by sending an SMS in a specific format to the number provided by the bank. You will receive a confirmation message with a ticket number, date, and time of ATM card blocking.

2. ATM card Block through NetBanking

If you use internet banking, then find your way to that section where you find the details of all active cards or where the block ATM card option is available. Click on it and you will be asked for re-confirmation so that the card does not get blocked, even if pressed accidentally. You will have to confirm further authentication through an OTP or the profile password of your net-banking account. Once done, you will be notified of a successful ATM card block with a ticket number displayed on your screen.

3. Contact Your Bank for ATM card Block

All banks provide customer care numbers (mostly toll-free) for various customer care services. ATM card block service is one of the various services provided. Pre-recorded instructions can guide you through using which you can opt to block your card. You will have to enter the card details. You shall be notified through SMS on your registered number or your email id once it is done. A customer service executive may be assigned and connected to you for further assistance and to ensure that it is the rightful owner of the card who has requested an ATM card block.

4. Bank Branch

You can always reach out to the nearest bank branch of the bank in which you hold an account and use its ATM card. The bank officials will help you block your card immediately.