How to Merge EPF Accounts?

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Multiple job changes typically result in multiple Employee Provident Fund (EPF) accounts being opened, one with each employer. With the introduction of the UAN (Universal Account Number), it is possible to consolidate multiple accounts into one single account for each EPFO member. Retirement fund body EPFO offers a facility to its members that allows consolidation or merger of their multiple PF accounts with the current universal account number (UAN).

Reason for Two UANs

An EPF account is opened on behalf of the employee by the company/employer. When an employee switches his/her job, there is a probability that a new UAN is allotted to the member employee. Many times, joining employees do not disclose their UAN/EPF details to the new employer. When an employee does not discuss these details, the new employer opens a new UAN and EPF account. Non-furnishing of ‘Date of Exit’ by the previous employer – Many times your previous employer fails to mention the Date of Exit in the Electronic Challan and Return (ECR). When this information is not provided on time, the new employer opens a new UAN and EPF account. In case you have been allotted two UANs, you can get the previous one deactivated and your EPF account transferred to the new UAN. Steps to do the same are as follows

  1. Report the issue to your employer or EPFO
  2. You can also send an email to with the relevant details
  3. EPFO will conduct a verification for the same
  4. Your previous UAN will be blocked while the new one will be active
  5. You will be required to submit a claim to transfer the EPF account (linked with the blocked UAN) to the new active account OR you can apply for the transfer of old EPF to the new one.

Procedure to Merge UANs

There are two ways you can “merge” the two UANs. A member can log on to the EPFO’s UAN portal ( After logging in, the individual can request transfer of the EPF accounts linked with the earlier UAN to the new one.

Once all the previous accounts are transferred, the previous UAN will get disabled. The EPFO will convey the deactivation status via text message.

If an employee has not activated the new UAN, he or she will need to do so to complete the transfer of old EPF accounts to the new UAN.

Sometimes, the previous employer may deposit PF arrears. If the previous EPF accounts are linked with the new UAN, the arrears will be reflected in the new UAN.

According to experts, the second method is more time-consuming. Once an employee gets to know about two UANs, he or she can report it to the existing employer or to the EPFO by sending an email to EPFO will conduct verification and then block the old UAN.

But the employee will need to submit a claim to transfer the EPF account (linked with the blocked UAN) to the new active UAN.

Before you make the transfer, ensure that your KYC (know your customer) is updated.

Reasons why two UANs are allotted

The UAN is a unique number that is provided to EPFO members who contribute towards the EPF scheme. In case an employee changes his/her job, the Member ID will change, but the UAN remains the same. However, there are high chances that the employee will be allotted a new UAN as well. The most common reasons why a second UAN may be allotted are mentioned below:

  • The exit date is not updated by the previous employer: In case the previous employer does not mention the last working day or the exit date of the employee in the Electronic Challan and Return (ECR), a new UAN will be allotted by the new employer.
  • The UAN is not disclosed by the employee: In case an employee changes his/her job, the UAN that was allotted to them must be given to the new employer. In case the employee does not disclose the UAN and EPF details, the new employer will allot another UAN. Employees tend to not disclose the old UAN in case they have some issues with their old employer or do not want the new employer to about their past employment experience.

What Should an Employee Do in case of Allotment of 2 UANs?

In case you have been allotted two UANs, you can get one of them deactivated (generally, the previous one). There are two methods to get the UAN deactivated and your EPF account transferred as per the EPFO website. Enlisted below are the two methods:

Method 1

  • Report the issue to your employer or EPFO as soon as you come to know about it.
  • You can send an email to mentioning your current and previous UAN.
  • EPFO will conduct verification for the issue.
  • Your previous UAN will be blocked and your current UAN will be kept active.
  • Post this you must submit a claim to transfer the EPF account (linked with the blocked UAN) to the new active account.

This process is a bit time taking and the resolution rate has been recorded to be very low. Thus, EPFO has come up with a new procedure in which it will be easier for a member to merge his two UANs and transfer his EPF easily. Let us discuss this method in detail below: The new procedure is as listed below

Method 2

  • After proper identification, old UAN from which the EPF transfer has been processed will be deactivated by EPFO.
  • Thus, these old UANs are blocked automatically and the employee’s previous member ID gets linked to the current UAN
  • The deactivation status is intimated to the employee through an SMS
  • In case the employee has not activated his new UAN, he will be requested to activate it to get the updated status of the account
  • There might be instances where the employee receives PF arrears from the previous employer. In such cases, the arrear is received in the new PF account linked with the new UAN since the syIf you have two EPF accounts with different UANs, the EPFO’s system will identify it automatically. This identification takes place on a periodic basis. Hence, you must apply for the transfer of old EPF to the new one as soon as you come to know about itstem auto-populates the new UAN number in the ECR

How to merge two EPF Accounts in One UAN Offline?

  1. EPFO’s system automatically identifies when one of the two EPF accounts of the same employee having different UANs has to be transferred
  2. Post identification, old UAN from which EPF transfer has been processed to a new EPF account having different UAN is deactivated by EPFO
  3. Ensure that your KYC and Aadhaar details updated and registered with the EPFO
  4. The employee’s previous member ID is linked to the current UAN
  5. You will be required to activate your new UAN
  6. Visit the official website of EFP transfer website and login with your registered UAN and password
  7. Select the Claims section and choose Request for Transfer of Account
  8. You will be required to submit Form 13 with all your personal details in Part A of the form
  9. Fill your previous account details in Part B of the form
  10. Fill your current account details in Part C of the form
  11. Submit the form to your new employer
  12. Now, your old UAN will be deactivated within a few days.

UAN Activation

Each EPFO member is allotted a UAN which is usually specified on the salary slip. To activate UAN, the member should visit the EPFO unified member portal at click on the tab “Activate UAN”. By entering UAN, name, date of birth and mobile number, an authorisation pin is generated. The UAN gets activated once this pin is entered and authenticated.

Merging Accounts

To merge two existing EPFO accounts, the member must visit the EPFO website and under the “Services” tab, click on “One employee – One EPF account” button.

On clicking the link, a form will open for consolidating multiple EPF accounts. The member must enter his mobile number registered on the UAN portal. Next, UAN and current member ID must be entered. On submission of these details, an OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number for authentication.

Merging of Accounts

On entering the OTP, the page for entering old PF account details for merger will be displayed. Once the old PF account number is entered and the declaration is accepted and submitted, the request for merger of that account to the existing PF account will be sent to EPFO.