What to Look For in a Loan App

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Make sure the loan app or business you’re working with is reliable and able to give you a loan when you’re seeking for one. Making your money work for you is possible if you discover a lender that fulfills all the requirements on your list. You can acquire the loan you require if you find a lender who meets all of your criteria. With so many lending applications available today, it can be difficult to choose which one is best for your requirements.

Total amount to be Repaid

Amount paid back in total is the sum of the loan’s principle and any other fees. A far simpler measure than APR for the majority of folks is this one (annual percentage rate). The majority of borrowers really prefer to see the complete repayment amount over alternative ways to calculate the cost of the loan, according to a poll.

You may assess whether the cost of a loan actually matches the budget of your company by knowing the entire payback sum.

Prior to applying, you can accurately estimate your costs thanks to Square Loans’ clear display of the entire amount you’ll pay back and the cost of the loan. What distinguishes the total payback amount from the APR may be a question on your mind.The yearly cost of borrowing money, as averaged throughout the course of the loan, is represented by the annual percentage rate, or APR. APR is a percentage that expresses interest rates and any other financing expenses, making it more challenging to comprehend. The APR is 19.9% if you use the identical three-year loan example from earlier.

APR is a useful indicator, but comparing loan offers simply based on their APR isn’t necessarily a fair comparison. You should also carefully review any other charges that you could be subject to, like as late fees, prepayment fines, NSF fees, and penalty interest, which can raise the cost of your loan but are often not included in the APR disclosure. Due to the fact that your budget is ultimately affected by the entire payback amount, which includes all charges in absolute dollars, it is crucial to consider this rather than simply the advertised rate.

Interest Rate

Since personal loans have the highest interest rates, which typically vary from 11% p.a. to 28% p.a., this should be the main determining factor when selecting the Personal Loan Lender. You wind up paying much more than the principle amount if your payback period is greater than four to five years. Many banks entice consumers with various offers by slightly lowering the yearly interest rate by 20bps to 50bps (i.e., 0.20% to 0.50% p.a). Ideally, if your credit history and score are strong, you may use them as a negotiating chip to get your bank to offer you a lower interest rate.

Furthermore, a lot of lenders provide EMIs with no fees or no interest when financing the purchase of consumer durables. To make up for this, lenders frequently charge processing fees instead of cash discounts, which you would otherwise receive. As a result, before selecting a personal loan lender, you should assess and analyse your whole expenses and make a wise choice.

Processing Period

There are many sorts of personal loans available nowadays from banks and NBFCs. Compared to regular personal loans, instant and pre-approved loans can be obtained more rapidly since they are frequently provided to repeat clients with strong credit histories. If you need money right away, it’s best to check with your primary bank or current lender first. They may be able to provide you with a Personal Loan right away at a competitive interest rate. A few minutes to 48 hours may pass before you may apply for some rapid loans. Contrarily, depending on the lender’s policies and your credit history, regular personal loans may take anywhere between 7 and 15 days to process.

Application and Financing processes are Quick and Simple

A company loan application might be time-consuming. You might need to complete a ton of paperwork and supply a ton of supporting documentation. You could even have to spend time completing an application on top of your own. You might not have the extra time and money for that.

Consider how much time you have to dedicate to the procedure and whether you require the money by a specific date before applying for a loan. Certain lenders may be excluded depending on how soon you can apply and how long it takes to obtain the cash.

Charges For Prepayment And Foreclosure

The foreclosure and prepayment fees are another set of costs that you need to watch out for. If the borrower intends to pay off their loan before the loan term, then these fees will apply.

While some banks may decide not to charge any fees for foreclosure, the majority of banks charge between 2% and 5% of the total sum. Comparing these fees will enable you to choose lenders who provide the most flexibility for repayments, whether partial or full.

Ease of Repayment

When assessing offers, you should keep the simplicity of loan repayment in mind. Operationally, you should determine whether you may sign up for auto payments or whether you must establish a particular payment procedure. Additionally, you should be aware of any late or early payment fees.

Be sure to investigate how mandatory payments are determined. For instance, payback for a flexible loan from Square Capital is dependent on a certain proportion of your card sales. Thus, when sales are high, you pay more, and when they are low, you pay less.

Calculations of EMI

It’s imperative that you get familiar with the EMI calculating procedure before taking out a loan.

Knowing this can assist you assess your ability to make timely loan repayments. Understanding how these EMIs are calculated is essential if you want to avoid paying more than you have to with choices like no-cost EMI and advanced EMI available on the market.

Additional Charges

You have to pay more than just the interest rate in order to obtain a loan. The cost of processing your loan application is determined by the banks or other financial organisations. This processing charge, which may be a fixed rate or include 1% to 3% of the loan amount, will raise the price of your loan significantly.

Furthermore, once you have enough money, it is wise to foreclose on your loans to avoid paying interest on future EMIs. You should be aware that if you wish to foreclose on your personal loan, the majority of banks and financial institutions levy pre-payment costs. The fees varies from business to business and often range from 2% to 5%, which makes a significant difference, particularly when the dues are substantial. Determining the entire cost of the loan before choosing a lender requires taking into account all fees and charges.

Trustworthiness and reputation of the Lender

You should conduct your study before working with any lender. Make sure the lender is well-known to you and has received favorable feedback from previous borrowers. To accomplish that, you may conduct an online search to learn about customer happiness and lender reliability or look at how frequently borrowers return for subsequent loans. Your lender’s reliability should be beyond question in your view.

Which is the best Loan App?


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Personal Loan Interest Rates starting from 0.8% p.m, and Loan amount ranging from INR 10,000 to INR 25,00,000. The Minimum and maximum repayment period ranges from 1 month to 48 months.  CIBIL 600+ all company categories (including LLP, Self Employed, Proprietorship)

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  • Depending on your demands, we may provide quick financing of varying quantities at affordable interest rates.
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3. Lower CIBIL

While most lenders require borrowers to have a CIBIL score of over 750, at Omozing.com provide loans even with 600.  Besides the CIBIL score, we also considers your age, employment status, and net monthly income.

4. Ways to apply

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5. Prompt Loan Disbursal

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