Why the Cost of Playing Online Games May Rise

There is a significant issue with gaming in India that has existed for so long that many people have just come to accept it as truth: it is an expensive pastime.  Online poker and fantasy sports are about to become more expensive as a group of state finance ministers formed to investigate the amount of

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Micro Financing

Microfinance is a type of banking that is offered to jobless or low-income individuals or organisations that would otherwise be unable to get financial services.

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Payday Loan

Payday loans are small, unsecured short-term cash loans that people borrow to get through the month until their next salary kicks in. It is thus,

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Loans Vs Advances

Money is a necessary component of any business since it meets both short- and long-term funding requirements. Because the owner is unable to carry all

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Restaurant Loan in India

Due to the high costs of launching and/or operating a restaurant nowadays, you cannot rely on your savings or assets to fund your business. You’d

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Top 10 Business Loan 2022

Not everyone is fortunate enough to inherit a well-established family company. Many people, particularly those who have started their own business, encounter challenges such as

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