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eMudhra Limited, a leading certifying firm in the country for digital signatures, today launched eSign services. eSign is an online electronic signature service which can facilitate an Aadhaar holder to digitally sign a document within seconds. The signatures generated by eSign are legally valid and secure under the Information Technology Act, 2000, the company said.

eSign Service is one of the key elements for Paperless revolution, as part of Government’s Digital India Program. Keeping in line with the Digital India Initiative by the Government of India, eMudhra has developed eSign services – a new and innovative electronic signature service (eSign) which enables Application Service Providers (ASP) to enable their users to electronically sign documents using PAN Card / Aadhaar to digitally sign a document within seconds from anywhere and anytime.

Application Service Providers (ASP) can integrate this service within their application to offer PAN Card / Aadhaar holders a way to sign electronic forms and documents. eMudhra eSign service, offers applications a mechanism to replace manual paper-based signatures by integrating this service within their applications.


  • Go 100% digital. Go completely paperless
  • Enable your application to digitally sign any document.
  • Quick online signing by the user with no need to procure any physical device.
  • Standard REST APIs to support any programming language.
  • Documents can be in any format including PDF, Office documents, text, etc.
  • Use PDF documents for widely used signature appearance-based e-signatures.
  • Supports PKCS#7 based signing, as well as PKCS#! Based raw signatures.

Digital Signature in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1 – Click on Buy Certificate

Step 2 – Verify identity through online paperless process

Step 3 – Download your Digital Signature Certificate

eMudra eSign Login process

1. Visit esign emudra home page- https://esign.e-mudhra.com/

2. Select as Enroll as Individual

3. There are 3 options available for KYC enrolment through Aadhaar, PAN and Foreign Individual

4. Choose the PAN enrollment option  

  • PAN KYC based Enrolment
  • Fill online enrolment form, and enter your desired Username & PIN  
  • Provide the PAN and the name as in PAN / Income Tax database.
  • Upload your pan copy and address proof copy (driving license, voter ID, etc), along with a passport size photograph.  
  • Verify the mobile and email with OTP sent.
  • Record an online video of yourself using the computer or mobile. Display the original PAN card and original address proof document during the video recording.  
  • Your account will be verified in our round-the-clock verification centre and processed in minutes. You will receive your account activation confirmation over email / SMS

5. Upload the following documents (Consolidated size of uploaded files should not exceed 5MB): Scanned copy of Original PAN card, Scanned copy of Original Address Proof, Passport size Photo of the applicant in JPG / PNG format

6. Set your desired Username (minimum 6 and maximum 25 characters) & PIN (6 digit numeric PIN), this required at the time of login.

7. Submit details and proceed for Video Recording in order to complete the enrolment process.

How to become ASP?

eMudhra in its capacity as a Certifying Authority (CA) is an eSign Service Provider (ESP). You can apply to become an Application Service Provider (ASP) with eMudhra by filling the form and submitting the required documents.

Who can become ASP?

  • The agency which desires to integrate eSign service of eMudhra should either be:
  • A Central/ State Government Ministry / Department or an undertaking owned and managed by Central / State Government, or
  • An Authority constituted under the Central / State Act, or
  • A Not-for-profit company / Special Purpose organization of national importance, or
  • A bank / financial institution / telecom company, or
  • A legal entity registered in India

Steps to avail eSign as an ASP

  1. Submission of scanned documents, along with application form and terms & conditions acceptance
  2. Completion of integration
  3. Audit by qualified Auditor
  4. Submission of all physical documents
  5. Go Live