Life has situations where just a month’s salary or money lying in your saving account is not enough.  Many of us working professionals,  eagerly wait for the month to end, just so that we receive our payroll. Salary is critical to balance our financial equation.  In today’s world of uncertainty due to pandemic, rising prices, looming inflation and unexpected money demands thrust upon us, sometimes salary does not leave us much. There are health care expenses, house rent security deposit, repairs, unexpected travel or family emergency needs. There are health emergencies or unavoidable expenses, and you really need a short term money booster before salary hits your bank account.

You can take advantage of a well crafted advance salary loan from Omozing till your next salaries arrive. Yes, we give you tenure of more than 30 days!  Since, you take the small loan for a short duration, it is more economical and quite affordable than your other alternatives – taking a long duration loan, or taking money from informal money lenders or credit card cash advances which may set you back with charges from 3% to 5% a month.

 Moreover, we can customize it for your unique personal money situation.  Better still if your employer is already engaged with us, we can be even more liberal, give more cash to you, and be very fast in processing across India. Once we get all details from your side and establish your eligibility, we can do a complete paperless process with money in your bank account  sometimes within just a day.

In fact, we are better than payday lenders, as we give a larger amount and can give you customized repayment options.

Why  Omozing Salary Advance Loans are Better?

 Omozing offers you loans in the most personalized manner possible. Using technology and solid credit expertise, we can make a credit solution that helps you navigate your current situation, and still is much better than typical other options.

Not just fast processing, we can make repaying loans an easy and seamless experience.

Here are some of our features you should know of:

  • Fast loans:  Our technology and our customer focus makes the process very fast for you.
  • Personalized Loans: We can disburse a loan that suits your needs. Flexible and easy loans that you can avail from wherever you are. You can easily repay your loans within a span of 1-12 months. This gives you the opportunity to structure your loans and cashflows the way you want to, without severely affecting your life style.
  • Paperless Process : In the era of Zoom, why should applying for a loan remain offline and cumbersome?  Omozing allows you to get loans by making the whole process paperless. This makes accessing loans from anywhere in India a possibility.
  • Financial Wellness Focus: We know that sometimes there are money needs, but you shall be amazed to find Omozing a partner in all your financial equations – whether they are about loans or any other aspect of your financial life. You shall get a trusted financial partner to rely on.