Top 4 Credit Score Blogs and Websites 2022

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The following 4 are best Credit Score blogs from thousands of blogs on the web ranked by traffic, social media followers, domain authority & freshness.


TransUnion CIBIL Limited is a credit information company operating in India. It maintains credit files on 600 million individuals and 32 million businesses. TransUnion is one of four credit bureaus operating in India and is part of TransUnion, an American multinational group.

The CIBIL score (a 3-digit number) gives a summary of the credit history from several details on the Credit Report such as ‘Enquiries’ and ‘Accounts’. The CIBIL score ranges between 300 and 900. The higher the CIBIL score, the easier it is to get a loan or a credit card approved. Making late payments and multiple enquiries will lead to the CIBIL score reducing. Any score of 750 and above is considered as ideal and you will qualify for various credit cards and loans. In case your credit score is less than 750, you will find it difficult to avail a loan from NBFC and banks.

In case the loan is approved, the interest rates will be high if the CIBIL score is close to 750. Banks and NBFCs will reject the application if the credit score is low. The four important sections of the credit report are Credit Enquiries, Public Records, Account History, and Credit Summary. The various factors that are considered by CIBIL when they compute the credit score are the credit mix, new credits, tenure, credit utilisation, credit balance, and repayment history.

Get your CIBIL Score and Report in 3 quick steps

1.  Create your account with CIBIL

2. Verify your identity

3. Pay & view your CIBIL Score and Report instantly

2. FundsTiger

FundsTiger Lending Marketplace for MSME Finance, would work together with BOB to provide loans and other ancillary products to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) improving small business access to capital and leverage technology and proprietary credit modeling algorithms to accelerate loan origination volume, do curation and lower the cost of loan application processing and matching. This Cloud SaaS technology enabled MSME financing platform, that connects MSME Borrowers, Lending Institutions and Partners will open up new financing avenues for the MSME borrowers for faster, easier and simpler loans.

Why FundsTiger

Faster Funding – We are over 80% faster than most traditional banks and lenders

Total Focus on Your Wins – We leverage our technology and business expertise for your financial success.

Customized Loans – We can structure and customize loans for your unique needs

Support you can rely upon – Monitor your loans 24/7 and reach out to a super-responsive support service

Relationships, not Borrowers – We believe in building relationships, not just lending to borrowers.

More Value for Money – We offer the best value for money loans when compared to all our competitors

3. Experian

Experian is an American Irish multinational consumer credit reporting company. Experian collects and aggregates information on over 1 billion people and businesses including 235 million individual U.S. consumers and more than 25 million U.S. businesses.

Experian brand reflects who we are, what we do and what we believe in. In a complex, ever changing world, the use of data is now driving significant advancements and new ways of thinking. At Experian, we recognise the importance of the role we play in unlocking the power of data to help people, business and society. Enabling people and organisations to achieve their goals.

  • 17,800 employees in 44 countries
  • 3.5 billion credit decisions supported
  • Decision Analytics’ PowerCurve solution recognised as a winner at the 2021 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards
  • 158 innovations launched in the last year with an expanded addressable market
  • 390,000 fraud victims supported
  • 61 million people reached through Social Innovation projects

4. Bank Bazaar (A&A Dukaan Financial Services Private Limited) is the world’s first neutral online marketplace for instant customised rate quotes on loans and credit cards. Shop for loans & cards just like you buy everything else now – online.

BankBazaar is an online financial service marketplace which gives customers instant customised offers on loans and credit cards.

Why BankBazaar

  • Go paperless all the way
  • Free Credit Report
  • Financial Solutions for lifetime
  • Get smarter and wiser
  • Make informed financial choice
  • 100% contactless KYC
  • Everything finance at one place